Linear Functions -- Find the Inverse Function

Linear Functions -- Find the Inverse Function

This applet will demonstrate how to finc the inverse function of linear functions.

Slider a will vary the slope of the line.
Slider b will vary the y-intercept.

The check boxes A, B, and C will turn upto 3 points on to allow to calculate the slope of the line.
The y=x check box will graph the parent curve with the current line.
When looking for the inverse function points, points I, J, and K are on the locus of the inverse and respectively match A, B, and C.
Once you have the three inverse points, you can turn on the locus of the inverse to see the inverse function.
Test your solution for the inverse function by typing your solution into the input field. Turn off the Locus of Inverse to view your graph. If it matches you have the locus equation.

The full linear equation is displayed at all times.

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This applet can be used by teachers in a demonstration mode in the classroom or teachers can have students load it on their own computers with a worksheet to be complete for a grade.

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